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**Follow the links through to find out more about my previous clients and their stories.



Steve Gayden - December 2003

​**Dear Craig
Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for your hard work over the last few weeks. Your instructions and advice both physically and nutritionally have given me a better understanding of my training needs in order to set me back on track to achieving my goals.




Ms Alison Newey

**I had been slowly putting on weight for a couple of years. When it came to trying onwedding dresses I realised I couldn’t ignore it any longer and the time had come to do something. Craig listened to what I wanted and gave me the confidence to try types of exercise I never thought I was capable of.


Jane Phillips

**After feeling unfit, over weight and having no energy at all I somehow managed to get myself in a frame of mind of doing something about it in March 2004.

I enrolled at Weight watchers and the same day enlisted the help of Craig Evans, a Personal Trainer that I had seen advertised at LA Fitness Sutton Coldfield.


Adam Duffy

​**I had been going to the gym on and off for a few years, the problem was, it was more off than on. I would start going and then find i lost motivation due to the fact i didn't feel i was doing it properly.

Zoe McGovern

**I had never really enjoyed exercising so when we set a date for our wedding in August I knew that I would need some help to get into shape. Training with Craig really pushed me and made me follow a programme of cardio and weights I would never have thought possible if on my own.



Sami Badrakhan

**I have been going to the gym for three years in hope of building and shaping

muscle and have got nothing out of it. 3 months of serious work with Craig
has changed my body and my health in ways I dreamed of before.








**Find out how Craig changed Sabha's life and made her feel happy. 



**Check out this amazing transformation in before and after photos. 


Claire Swanton

**Check out this amazing transformation in before and after photos. 

**All these testomials are from genuine customers and they show the true results. There is no gurantee that your results will be the same as results vary from person to person. 

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