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Chris Guest

GOAL: I wanted to lose a little chub and tone up for my wedding and honeymoon



START DATE: December 2013


HOW LONG DID IT TAKE TO SEE RESULTS:I started to feel better and more energised after just a few sessions but after a couple of weeks started to see an improvement in my appearance. After about 6 weeks I could really start to see more obvious definition in my shoulders, arms and abs. This continued to improve each week from this point.


PREVIOUS TRAINING/EXERCISE:I had trained previously with Craig leading up to summer holidays in previous years but had had at least a year or so off any kind of training other than Sunday league football. 



WHAT YOU ENJOYED:Craig offers a friendly, relaxed atmosphere – often just the 2 of us in the gym so nobody to make me feel self conscious whilst training. I was able to choose a suitable time for my sessions each week and Craig was flexible to accommodate my schedule and worked hard to fit me in at various times of the day.



I felt comfortable asking questions about my training and Craig was always happy to give advice on my diet to supplement my training regime. He also explained clearly why certain exercises were important even if they weren’t my favourite.


We discussed what I wanted to achieve and he worked out a plan to suit. He was able to ensure I performed the exercises correctly and safely to achieve my goal but also pushed me to over achieve and really get the best out of each session.


The best advice I can give to anyone is to take the food seriously, it really does make a difference so listen to Craig’s advice on the food. It’s really important to try not to cheat, it will be worth it!! 


Be patient with the training and once you start to see a difference it will encourage you to push on and I guarantee you will be happy with the results.



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