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When I first started out, I thought I was in great shape. I was a cardio bunny, watching that scale, starving myself for fear of any increase in weight. I wanted to be skinny.


But I was skinny fat. (Fat% 28.5- weight 63.8kg - height 177cm)


My husband decided I finally needed a personal trainer & he found Craig.


Probably the best thing he could have done. 


One look at me & Craig was on my case. He changed my diet with some great nutrition advice & trained me twice a week with weights only. He told me I had bingo wings which shocked me to my core as I thought I was 'skinny'. 


Craig set out a personal training routine and explained how his nutritional advice and lifting heavy wouldn't make me look like a man but would tone me up & get rid of my wobbly bits. He trained me twice a week constantly till I was able to do a proper press up. 


We met in 2010 & I've never looked back. 


He introduced me to protein shakes, a fitter lifestyle & a healthier outlook. I'm a more confident individual now, who trains in gyms all over Birmingham & London.  And I am firmer all over even after having a baby! 



Thanks Craig, not only a fantastic Personal trainer but a motivator & life changer for me. 


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