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Jane Philiips


**After feeling unfit, over weight and having no energy at all I somehow managed to get myself in a frame of mind of doing something about it in March 2004.
I enrolled at Weightwatchers and the same day enlisted the help of Craig Evans, a Personal Trainer that I had seen advertised at LA Fitness Sutton Coldfield. My thoughts were I was going to be put through a workout and then left to my own devices. How wrong could I have been!
I was nervous and unsure about what to expect in a personal training session but Craig has helped me so much, I have seen him once a month since and he gives me a whole range of programmes throughout the month to stick to which I do religiously.
To date I have lost 44 pounds, with still another 20 pounds to go to reach my goal weight but that does not bother me. Craig has made me feel the gym is not a chore to visit regularly, but changed my way of thinking and I suppose my outlook on exercise generally.
It is hard at times but the sense of achievement is brilliant when you have finished your routine. I have ached in places I didn’t know existed and found I can actually do CV work for a good length of time which I only dreamed of beforehand. I lift weights that I never thought I could do and Craig has managed to gradually ease me in to a harder/tougher routine without too much hurt. When I look back at my first programmes in March 2004 I find it impossible to think that I could do so little. I have every confidence in reaching my goal and what has helped me is having smaller goals of weight and fitness levels to reach which is much more realistic in life!
I am amazed at how little machines you do have to use, technique and breathing correctly are a huge part of my work out again which Craig has taught me, I am learning all of the time with him and he is always encouraging you on. Each session brings something new. Craig listens to what I have to say when seeing him ie. need to lose weight but am now happy with my shape he then suits the programmes to help me reach the next goal.
Craig is often round the gym and will stop and answer any questions I have or if I am unsure of anything I can always ask him when I see him next.
Thanks a lot Craig and keep up the good work and it just shows healthy eating and the right exercise can work in life!

Jane Phillips

**All testimonials are from genuine customers and they show the true results. There is no gurantee that your results will be the same as results vary from person to person. 

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