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Personal training ensures you get the most form your workout, making your time more efficient and productive, allowing you to achieve your results faster.

It does not matter if you are beginner or an experienced exerciser, if you need motivation and encouragement of just some extra knowledge, personal training is the answer.

Personal training sessions take you carefully through your new workout, also setting up further workouts for the week ahead, planning your nutrition, fitness testing, monitoring your progress and providing detailed feedback of each session.

What personal training can do for you...


  • If you are a new exerciser you will benefit from the experience and gain the knowledge to feel confident and safe in a new environment,  ensuring you are taught in the correct way.

  • If you are returning to exercise, it’s the safest and quickest route to regaining and exceeding your fitness levels.

  • If you are simply for fun, motivation, new ideas and fresh challenges to make the difference in reaching your goal.

  • 40-60% better results guaranteed

  • Shorter workouts, better results

  • Beat plateaux in your training

  • New training ideas to introduce the latest training systems and techniques to maximise your results

  • Increased sport performance through sports specific exercise programmes

  • Improved health and relaxation with health related and specialist services

  • More energy and reduced stress levels for a healthier mind and body results

Take a look at the services we are able to offer to help you reach your goals...


Sports Massage
Our trained therapists are specialised in Sports Massage helping you overcome pain from injuries. 
Food intolerance testing
150 foods tested, to help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Digestive Problems, Migraine, Headaches, Joint Pain, Itchy Skin, Eczema, Fatigue, Low mood




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